Giveaway Besar Besaran By Intan Saffyna

October 19, 2017

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Opinion about your blog :

Such a friendly-looking blog! I really love your flora//flower//vintage concept. It suits everything in your blog. With the cute hello-kitty cursor, I guess you must be as cute as her too. I also love your sharing about your baby and I swear he is really cute. Your entries are interesting too, helping me to have a good reading list by the way. Heheee. Keep it up!

Birthday Wish :

Happy Bornday, Birthday girl! May Allah grant you His never end blessing and may all your wishes come true. In shaa Allah, Allah knows what s the best for His servant. Be a good Muslimah, and make your family proud of your beautiful in and out. So here, I would like to dedicate a special pantun for you, which is originally written by me.

Ke hujung hilir berdagang rokan,
Sayang akasia ditinggal di anjung;
Selamat hari lahir sy ucapkan,
Moga bahagia setia berkunjung.

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  1. datang blogwalking dari giveaway yang sama

  2. Assalamualaikum.. terima kasih sudi join Giveaway ni.. semoga awak menjadi yang bertuah mana tahu kan.. hehe

    terima kasih sudi wish my birthday.. dan komen tentang blog ni..

    senarai nama update.

    thanks again :)

  3. hi.. content blog menarik.. lets blogwalking and click iklan..done follow u.. follow me back.. thanks