BTS Drops New Teaser for Comeback

September 15, 2017

BTS just dropped the first teaser for their track, DNA which will be featured on their upcoming album, Love Yourself:Her and seeing how they reach everything smoothly makes me really in cloud nine.

And for those yang antikpop, please2, stay away dari post ni. Heee. 

The teaser shows the maknae of the group, Jungkook, whistling a melody until he meets his other members before they perform together a split-second of the new song's choreography. 

And unsurprisingly if this one-minute clip already looks incredible ; they know how to bring us to death, really. Upon watching this clip, I cant predict anymore where they will be after this.

Love Yourself: Her will be released on September 18 in four different versions, and includes a collaboration with The Chainsmokers called “Best of Me".

The Chainsmokers and BTS are officially teaming up on a track together!
The K-Pop group worked with the “Closer” hit-making duo on a song called “Best Of Me” according to their agency Big Hit Entertainment, which will be featured on their upcoming album, Love Yourself: Her.
The upcoming EDM song features Andrew Taggart and the rap line members of BTS.
The Chainsmokers and BTS first met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, where BTS took home a history-making win for Top Social Artist.
BTS recently dropped a slew of promotional images for their upcoming album, which will be released in four different versions: “L,” “O,” “V,” and “E.

So, lets wait for a few days more, Army and RIP then.

And update again, 

Teaser 2 pun dah ada. For this second teaser, we can see their face more and some words/lyrics uttered by Taehyung. Still Jungkook is there with his whistle and I bet this is so hot to make us stay still, Army. 

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