Mr. Dakgalbi For the First Time

February 22, 2018

Hi there.

Today, I want to rest and spend my time to write up about my first time trying Mr Dakgalbi in Penang.

Well, semua ni berpunca dari my friend yang dah berapa kali makan and upload dkt socmed buat kami yang lain mengidam macam mak buyung. So, memang semua ASAP plan nak pergi try plus ronda satu Penang sebab even kami nama je anak Pulau Pinang tapi satu Penang pun tak habis explore lagi. So, plan and plan and sedaya upaya solve masalah member yang tak boleh pergi, we finally arrived there.

We went there on Thursday as we were still free after finished SPM so the restaurant was not packed with so many people yet. And plus we went there before lunch hours kick in,so we got a place immediately.

Let's have a little sneak peek inside this korean restaurant and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it and add it in your wishlist.


Gurney Plaza, 170, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang
(Sebelah KimGary Restaurant je and at 3rd floor)

Operating Hours: 

Friday           11:30AM–10PM
Saturday      11:30AM–10PM
Sunday         11:30AM–10PM
Monday 11:30AM–10PM
Tuesday       11:30AM–10PM
Wednesday 11:30AM–10PM
Thursday 11:30AM–10PM

So, kami tried this set. Cheese Ring sebab ye lah first time kan.So rasa berbaloi kalau pilih this set. Dia ada fried rice, ramen, rice cake, chicken, sayur of course, kimchi (oh my god i really love kimchi dekat sini, sedap gila srs tak tipu), dpt mineral water free. And ada berapa lagi side dishes tu. But paling suka of courselah kimchi dia. I think kalau minat rice cake, you should add on rice cake sebab rice cake dia dalam 5 or 6 je kot if I'm not mistaken. 

Apa yang cheesering nya? Sebab dia ada cheese lah keliling dia. And cheese dia sumpah sedap sebab 50% cheddar cheese and 50% mozarella cheese. Boleh bayangkan tak betapa sedapnya. 

The best part is Mr Dakgalbi has a large ring cover around the pan so you obviously can avoid the heat and sauces from dirtying your ootd.

Good news ! In Mr. Dakgalbi, staff will assist on the cooking. So, save your energy and just enjoy all the korean music videos they prepared for us. And dia kan sediakan ramen dan juga fried rice. But for me, I prefer ramen lagi. Dunno why but I love the taste. It suits ramen well.

Ambil chicken dia plus cheese and I add kimchi jugak :') then wrap with this salad cicah sos dia. Fav girls.

I've told you just now. Kimchi kat sini sedap gila. Pedas plus masam dia mahalll wehh. 

We ordered Ice Lemon and Korean Green Tea only. But I think mineral water only will be enough. Cause its cold. Aisssssss.

I'm not good at giving more detailed review like specify the stars amount or what but what I'm pretty sure is I'm gonna repeat this Mr Dakgalbi in the future.

So, guys. Let's give your try!

Happy pills !

Last okay. Stay tuned with my Ice Cafe review coming soon :')

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