How to Apply Foundation

January 19, 2019

Hi peeps, finally ! After a hectic rock n roll, i guess, I got to be here again with another topic to share.

And this time, I'm gonna share about tips and tricks on how to apply your foundation especially for those yang ada acne prone skin or  yang ada scars.

Well, sometimes people tend to apply foundation berlapis-lapis sebab nak high coverage but end up foundation you cepat cakey and bila dah apply hasilnya not that smooth. So, now, how nak apply foundation yang boleh cover all of those flaws but still rasa light je atas muka kita?

So, apa yang I nak share ni not based on my reads or what, just based on my experience and what I have watched in Youtube and i practice it. So, let's get started !

1) So, the first thing you must have! Of course lah, foundation. Like what I've told you in my other post pasal foundation, this is my favourite foundation. And for those yang ada oily skin and acne prone skin, maybe you pun akan suka foundation ni. Maybe ye. So, don't blame me if you don't like it. You can get this foundation at Watsons or Guardian je. Kalau nak murah, tunggu je time ada sales. HAA, RM 20 LEBIH JE KAUUU.

2) So, dah nak foundation smooth en, kena lah ada beauty blender or any sponges or brush ke. Up to your preference. Yang mana yang you rasa best bila you guna to apply foundation onto your skin. As for me, I suka beauty blender. Any kind of beauty blender! As I have acne prone skin, and so many flaws to be covered, so beauty blender is a great choice. REMINDER! Beauty blender ke apa tu jangan tunggu berkulat baru nak basuh. Seminggu sekali basuh tu dah dikira paling level bad bad bad tauu.

3) The next one that you need is a brush, a flat brush, a small brush, or any brushes lah yang macam dalam gambar dibawah. So, why you need a brush? Scroll lah lagi, jangan malas sangat nak baca. 

  • So, before korang apply foundation tu, make sure korang prep dulu your face dgn skincare and the most important steps are your serum, moisturizer and primer if korang nak makeup tahan lama and smooth. Other skincare tu, pandai-pandai lah tahu kan.                                                                    
  • And as usual, apply je foundation korang macam biasa using beauty blender tu or your brush ke apa. Just apply light-light je. Mission kita nak foundation yang light and high coverage.                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Then, after dah apply your foundation. Korang ambil a small brush tu and calit sikit your foundation, sikit je tak payah tamak nak banyak sangat. Tamak-tamak ni nak gi mana je. So, after calit tu, korang dab dab dekat any areas yang korang nak cover tu. Dekat, your scars ke, acne ke, tona tak sekata ke. Dab-dab je. Bukan gi tonyoh macam basuh kain pulak. Dab dab okay, dab dab. Kalau tak faham ni ha; dep, deb, dap.                                                                                                             
  • So, the key here is your technique bila nak blend tu. Jangan kasar sangat, jangan lembut sangat sampai tak lekat apa pulak. Just average, no need to letak banyak sangat. So, korang kena blend je lah to make sure tak nampak pelik pulak; macam, sini cat fade-fade sikit, sana cat kemain tebal pulak. 

That's all. And then korang boleh la ke bahagian makeup yang lain. Yang penting pasal makeup ni, pandai blend je. I think la.

So, if you guys have any questions, don't shy shy cat nak comment or can contact me through my socmed acc. I'm free to share my tips and tricks in makeup. Heheee, tambah-tambah untuk STUDENTS yang makeup gi class tu. 

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