How to Achieve This Simple Makeup Look

October 19, 2017


Lets just terus ke cara-caranya and help me not to bazirkan masa utk meraban dekat intro sahaja.

First, a must one, foundation. So, Im using SILKYGIRL Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation which is you can get it from Shopee at around Rm 20+++ only. 

Then, pakai bedak Gohnson's Baby Powder je. Barulah wangi. 
But to have that bright area, you need a skillful trick using only gonhsons baby powder. If you are wondering how to do the trick, do comment below and I will tell you guys more.

Next, eyebrow! Okay, I actually dont remember what kind of eyebrow pencil yang Wana guna, but eyebrow pencil yang biasa-biasa je. And yesss, got it from Shopee too. Some tips here, pls make sure mata eyebrow pencil tu tajam or else you will get a bad eyebrow corner and everything is going to mess up. And hasilnya, kening ulat bulu. Be careful.

So, for eyes pun, just guna eyeshadow yang biasa-biasa. To get a simple makeup look, no need to tebalkan eye makeup. Okay? Eyeliner pun biasa-biasa ja. Amboii semua biasa-biasa. Biasalah. Kekalkan biasa-biasa tu in order to get a simple and affordable makeup look. 

Then untuk blusher, I use BIOAQUA Natural Rosy Blush Cushion which is also you can get it from Shopee dlm harga RM 9 sahaja. This the best one! But dont have to put too much blusher or else jadi wayang china pulak. 
Ang Im using mascara from Maybelline and excuse my eyelashes yg tak nampak sangat tu. Sebab tak lentikkan pun. I dont need it. Wasting my time! Hahahaha.

And the last one, lipstick! Actually, I wanted to use lipgloss only but tak taulah gatal sangat tangan nak try Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick in code Candy K. So for a matte-lover macam Wana, this is the best but suka Huda Beauty lagi. 

Ya Allah lupa! Betul-betul last one ni, Kiss Beauty Primer Spray. It is used after makeup to get a long lasting makeup and a glowing look. Dekat Shopee, RM 10 je. Worth it. 

So, thats how I got this simple makeup look. So, for those who want to give a try, dont forget to share your hasil with me and comment down below for any questions. Thats all. Bye.

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