October 19, 2017


Hey guyss, welcome back to my blog. And, wherever you are I hope you are living your life at the fullest. So its been a while since my last entry. So, here I am, disturbing your reading list again.
To be honestly laa, I have listed some entries to post and I already have organise them in a blog's planner but yeahh, We plan, Allah also plan, indeed Allah's planner is the best. So, it didnt come out well as I need to finish my homework and manage my time only to study. Okay, I lied. I didnt study at all. Thats why I think I shouldnt surprise with my trial result. Hehehee. Actually my bad result still affect my mood everyday. But, I have a way to cure and solve it well. So, what is my secret to cure my endless dissappointed result?

Here come, FAMILY BONDING TIME. Well, I guess everyone is in the same thought about having a huge family is annoying, isnt it? Maybe, not. But for me, I love to have a huge and many family members. I think like Im having a lot of guardians around me. Hahahahaha. Feeling safe here.

Family Bonding Time is the time where you spend it with your family meaningfully. But, a lot of people are saying that they are actually spending most of their time with family. Well, I guess you spend your time most with the phone, isnt it? So, that is why we still need to find some spaces and time to spend with our family meaningfully, I repeat meaningfully.

Basically, as for me, I prefer to spend our time through shopping or going out for dinner. There is a lot of ways to spend your time with your family, actually. Going to mall, or restaurant maybe? Cuci cuci mata je duhh.

Mak memang payah tgk camera. Hmm

The benefit is there is someone who can snap your ootd. Hee

What can you gain through Family Bonding Time?

Well, we can learn to love each other. In addition, we can also learn to know every members well. Knowing our family members well can help us to improve our communications and strengthen our relationship. Then, you dont have to keep all your problems all alone if you can share it with your family, isnt it? Or maybe there are some of us who love to keep our problems to ourself. But, lets learn to confess it. Do not burden your mind with a lot of pressures due to the problems.

Oh God, why do Im talking like delivering a speech right now? Hahahahaa. So, lets go out. Leave your pc, laptop, phone, tablet, ipad now. Go! Lets grow up and spread our love towards everyone.

Thats all for this entry, So, Im planning to have a Hada Labo review soon. but should I? Do give your opinion by leaving your words. Comment down below for more. More? More? More? Morehhhh. Ok byeee.


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